Maison Ernest, luxury women’s shoes, since 1905.

Iconic Parisian brand, immerse yourself in our universe of all that is exceptional, glamourous and feminine.

Established in 1904, Maison Ernest is almost as old as the Eiffel Tower.
Just a step from the Moulin Rouge, the brand is a story of freedom, offering the secret of an infinite seduction.

Many are those who have adopted the signature heady glamour of Maison Ernest: Helmut Newton and Karl Lagerfeld were crazy about the brand, cabarets such as the Crazy Horse and Folies Bergère, Jean-Paul Gaultier who created his own signature Ernest shoe in the ‘80s, and Beyoncé, Kylie Minogue or Kate Moss.

The brand’s artistic director, Isabelle Bordji, a truly unique woman passionate about art and fashion, designs all the styles herself.
She has very eclectic inspirations, and she chooses colors and materials carefully to make women even more beautiful, with irresistible style and allure.


Ernest Amselle  opened his shoe store named ERNEST CHAUSSEUR across from the famous Moulin Rouge in Paris, which was the neighborhood for cabarets and shoemakers.
Ernest opened a second boutique in another shoemakers' area in Paris: Château d'Eau.


Cabarets and the Parisian bourgeoisie, looking to go “slumming” with high heels (totally indecent at the time), spread the word: special orders increased. Ernest decided to create his own line of high heeled shoes: ERNEST CHAUSSEUR became a brand, and its products became objects of fantasy.


Jeanine, Ernest's daughter, eventually took the reins of the brand. ERNEST CHAUSSEUR became ERNEST. The brand went international thanks to the catalog she sent to clients all over the world.


Berlin-born photographer Helmut Newton discovered ERNEST’s 14cm heels with platforms: the rush was on. In his pictures, he features an imposing version of femininity. His allies: ERNEST's high heels.

LATE '70s

The Corassants, professional shoemakers, take over the brand.


Jean-Paul Gaultier also created his own style of ERNEST shoes.

It was the era of the famous Parisian night-club the "Palace", when fashion people and celebrities ran to ERNEST to have the right pair of shoes for parties.

The brand has influenced many fashion and shoe designers. The course was set for the destiny of shoes: once a functional product, it has now become an object of desire. ERNEST understood that long before everyone else.

'90s to 2000s

Seen in fashion photography by Karl Lagerfeld, in shows and with choreographers such as Bianca Li or Philippe Decouflé, ERNEST is a must-have for connoisseurs



In 2012, Isabelle Bordji took over the brand and became its creative director. She wants to share this true icon of Parisian heritage with the public.

She has brought ERNEST to the fore: the brand is now in the most famous magazines all over the world such as VOGUE, OFFICIEL, ELLE or MADAME FIGARO. The new revues of the CRAZY HORSE or the FOLLIES BERGERE, BEYONCE, KYLIE MINOGUE or KATE MOSS: they all adopt the dizzying heights of ERNEST.


To reconnect with its French identity, ERNEST becomes MAISON ERNEST.


A new shop opens in the heart of Saint-Germain-Des-Près, a few steps from La Bon Marché and the Lutécia.